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Trisha's History

Trisha Baptie

Trisha Baptie founded Honour Consulting in 2008 after finding her voice and politics when she covered the Robert Pickton trial as a citizen journalist from her intimate knowledge of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and her perspective as a friend to his victims. For this coverage she won the "Courage to Come Back" award.

Honour Consulting operates under an abolitionist ideology and vision based on Trisha's fifteen-year experience in Vancouver's sex industry. Honour focuses on issues relating to prostitution through the lens of women’s equality and violence against women.

Trisha is also the founding member and Community Engagement Coordinator of EVE - formerly Exploited Voices now Educating - a volunteer, non profit group of former sex industry women who challenge the idea of sex as work. This group of women considers the demand for paid sex “violence against women” and believes that prostitution is the product of systemic oppression against women and children.

Trisha is a knowledgeable voice, raising awareness around best practices for legal and social policy for women and children. She calls for policy and law reforms that confront and deal with issues of systemic inequality that put women and children at risk for commercial sexual exploitation. She publicly encourages others to identify their power and privilege and use it to change the world for those who do not have the same resources or opportunities.

Trisha is an active member of several women’s equality coalitions and has the enormous privilege of working along side a diverse cross section of allies including feminist groups, academic institutions, NGO’s, government representatives, faith-based groups, unions, media outlets and women's groups. She has presented across the country at local, national and international functions with women from around the globe.

Trisha writes with a community of women at SheLoves Magazine and independently on her blog. She is passionate about helping women transition out of prostitution and unpacking patriarchy from her deep faith.

Honour and EVE are organizations that want to see Canada adopt the Nordic Model of Prostitution Law and communicate with the world that women are not for sale.

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